Monday, March 31, 2008

Miracles do happen

Many rationalist associates of mine deny the existence of miracles. They seem to accept the popular mythology that miracles can only come from a divine/spuernatural source, and their disbelief in the existence of the divine precludes a belief in miracles. I agree with them in their denial of the existence of divinity, preferring to accept that each of us is the author of his/her own destiny and responsible to no authority external to the self.


Miracles do exist. But let me qualify that.

Miracles exist, but of the sort we create for ourselves.They begin with desire - a burning desire to move from some difficult situation and to change it for the better. Often we find ourselves in pain, whether it's physical, emotional, spiritual, or whatever. Pain is pain, and sometimes there just seems no end to it, not hope of ever getting back to the good life. When things are this bad, we have two choices - we might consider ending it permanently, taking the ultimate step. This will end the pain, but it won't give us our life back. The second choice is much better - a decision to seek answers/help/an end to the pain that will result in getting our life back.

And that's where the miracle happens. We can choose to exit, or move through to a better solution. And when we choose this second option, events and people will conspire to help us reach our goal. The end result - and it may be years down the track - is a miracle because if we are persistent enough we will get our life back.

It's a miracle, because the situation in which we find ourselves can be so bad, without hope - a situation which has been transformed into life and freedom. It's easy enough to dismiss what I'm saying, but if you've never been in a bad place where the preferred option was death, you can't understand how bad that place is. Or how good it is to come out of it.

But what is needed for this miracle to happen? A burning desire to get your life back. A determination not to let them (or the situation) win. A willingness to do what it takes to get your life back, no matter what. A keen intuition, that listens to those small voices and events that seem to come from left field but have the most far-reaching consequences.

It's awesome because when you come out the other side, you know that you've got your life back. It may be totally different to the one you imagined, but never let that stop you. Never ever ever give up.

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