Monday, March 31, 2008

Miracles do happen

Many rationalist associates of mine deny the existence of miracles. They seem to accept the popular mythology that miracles can only come from a divine/spuernatural source, and their disbelief in the existence of the divine precludes a belief in miracles. I agree with them in their denial of the existence of divinity, preferring to accept that each of us is the author of his/her own destiny and responsible to no authority external to the self.


Miracles do exist. But let me qualify that.

Miracles exist, but of the sort we create for ourselves.They begin with desire - a burning desire to move from some difficult situation and to change it for the better. Often we find ourselves in pain, whether it's physical, emotional, spiritual, or whatever. Pain is pain, and sometimes there just seems no end to it, not hope of ever getting back to the good life. When things are this bad, we have two choices - we might consider ending it permanently, taking the ultimate step. This will end the pain, but it won't give us our life back. The second choice is much better - a decision to seek answers/help/an end to the pain that will result in getting our life back.

And that's where the miracle happens. We can choose to exit, or move through to a better solution. And when we choose this second option, events and people will conspire to help us reach our goal. The end result - and it may be years down the track - is a miracle because if we are persistent enough we will get our life back.

It's a miracle, because the situation in which we find ourselves can be so bad, without hope - a situation which has been transformed into life and freedom. It's easy enough to dismiss what I'm saying, but if you've never been in a bad place where the preferred option was death, you can't understand how bad that place is. Or how good it is to come out of it.

But what is needed for this miracle to happen? A burning desire to get your life back. A determination not to let them (or the situation) win. A willingness to do what it takes to get your life back, no matter what. A keen intuition, that listens to those small voices and events that seem to come from left field but have the most far-reaching consequences.

It's awesome because when you come out the other side, you know that you've got your life back. It may be totally different to the one you imagined, but never let that stop you. Never ever ever give up.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Health professionals - yeah right!

Something that's occurred to me over the years is that health professionals too often act unethically. Lack of training, knowledge and skill seems prevalent among many, for whom client capture seems higher on the list of priorities. And even when they do know a lot, non-disclosure of information to clients who could benefit from knowledge is common, and sometimes downright dangerous.

The result? Clients can't make informed choices about their health care in this sort of environment. Their wellness is often compromised as a result, putting some at serious risk of harm.

You've gotta wonder why. It happens in both the public and private sectors, so blame can't be placed at either. Unethical practitioners give the honest ones a bad name.

My suggestions to practitioners: follow the golden rule. Treat others as you'd like to be treated. Get over yourself. Disclose what you know and let the patient have informed consent. Learn more stuff.

To clients, I'd say: don't treat these people like god - they're not god. Get a second, third or fourth opinion - find another practitioner if you're dissatisfied. Tell your friends about the good and the bad. Do your own research, and trust your symptoms. And don't let them treat you like an ignoramus.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Govt stupidity

Once again the NZ govt has shown how stupid it is, by banning party pills containing BZP.

They can argue all they want that it's 'for your own good', but this whole exercise is nothing more than Big Brother once again asserting his wish to control us. And how easily they forget what has happened countless times before - ban something and it simply goes underground. It gets taken over by organised crime, and people get hurt, seriously. Remember prohibition? Al Capone and other mafiosos got rich, and people died - all because they couldn't access booz legally.

My solution would be to make BZP and other drugs legal. Any adult, as the owner of his/her body, has the right to take whatever he/she wants. Of course that should not interfere with the rights of others, or do anyone else any harm. Use of drugs for one's own pleasure is a victimless crime, and is nobody else's business.

It is particularly important for governments to leave people alone to get on with their own lives. Richard Goode, Libertarianz health spokesman, put it quite succinctly in a press release today. "Unfortunately, it's not just Jim. His power-addled cronies in Labour, National, NZ First and United Future all voted unanimously for this gross attack on cognitive freedom. If I want to take a pill to experience energy and euphoria, that's my business," Goode asserts. "The last thing I need is the mood police mandating how I can feel."

Govt can't even complain about the cost to the health system. Anyone who deliberately harms self - no matter what they've been using - should not be entitled to free care from the taxpayer. That way we'd also free up hospital beds for those who really need them. Granny might finally get her hip replacement.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Interesting feminist websites

Wendy McElroy is an individualist feminist who has alot to say. Check out her two websites

Global warming myths debunked

Here's an article by Thomas Sowell, addressing some of the myths perpetrated by the green movement. He's saying that the green position on global warming is no more than mythologising, hysteria, and political posturing.

Global warming is, of course, no more than a naturally occurring process, one that has some benefits for us. Compare this to the clearly-expressed green agenda that wishes to rid the planet of humanity forever, and it's easy to see which side is the more rational.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Readers will have to get used to the fact that I dislike do-gooders and politically correct types. I find them to be busy-bodies, trying their hardest to control each of us and to tell us how to live our lives. Then they tax us for the bloody privilege! Every one of them has an agenda of some sort, and they dish out some god-awful BS that too often contradicts itself.

It seems we can't win, no matter what we do.
  • If you work, you're a workaholic - if you don't, you're a bludger or a victim
  • Whether you eat or you don't eat, you have an eating disorder and need counselling. Whatever you eat is wrong, according to someone. You're a victim
  • Any fun is bad, oppressive. Don't do it. Any drinking is alcoholism or at least problem drinking. Any drug use is drug abuse and a symptopm of addiction. Any gambling is problem gambling and addictive behaviour, and will harm your kids
  • You must be assertive, but as soon as you do you get told to BE NICE, and to SHUT UP
  • It doesn't matter what you look like, they say. But then they criticise you for not looking the way they want you to
  • If you're a woman and fuck men, you're a sellout. Regardless of whether or not you actually LIKE what you're getting!

I hate this BS. Passionately. So please don't dish it out round here - there are plenty of other folks who want to hear it.

As self-responsible human beings, we're all entitled to live our own lives as we choose, so long as we do no harm to anyone else. So I WILL continue to eat meat, drink alcohol, and drive my car when I want to. Take your bollocks and shove it.

Academic cesspools

Walter Williams, October 17, 2007

The type of segregation proposed by the colleges in this article was called Apartheid in South Africa, and has been loudly condemned by many. Why is it suddenly acceptable in other western countries? If these ideas had value, they would not need to be forced on a largely unwilling student body. But clearly they have no value at all, which is why freedom of opinion must be legislated against. While racism is never acceptable, forcing attitude change in this manner is unacceptable. And unlikely to succeed. It will simply drive the bigots underground.

You can’t force change, or force people to comply with your vision of the world. Hitler tried it. The USSR tried it. They tried prohibition of alcohol, drugs, abortion – and failed, miserably. What they DID achieve was that the activities and people they proscribed went underground.

Racism is NEVER okay, no matter WHO the victim is. Banning of ideas – shutting down free speech – will only drive ideas underground. Open debate must be encouraged, so that everyone is free to discuss and to see harmful ideas for what they are.

The self-esteem myth

Read this article.

The educational, psychological, and philosophical assault on self-esteem
by Edwin A Locke

This is an interesting article on self esteem.It critiques the attitude that says ‘you must feel good about yourself, you need to love yourself’, and says that government programmes to foster positive self-worth (such as those in California) have failed to achieve the desired outcomes.

"What went wrong? Leaving aside the fact that the government has no business creating programs to promote self-esteem, the essential problem was that the task force, in company with most people, had wrong ideas about the nature and causes of self-esteem. These wrong views have been spread most directly by educators and their psychologist mentors. In this article, I will identify the false and damaging views of self-esteem held by those in the educational establishment and by the psychologists who influence them, show how these views undermine both academic achievement and the acquisition of real self-esteem, present the correct view of self-esteem, and reveal the ultimate destroyer of self-esteem: modern philosophy.

Self-esteem is recognized at some level, even by those who fail to understand its actual nature, as a critical psychological need. It is generally viewed as feeling good about yourself. This is superficially true: Self-esteem is a positive subconscious estimate of oneself. More accurately, however, self-esteem is the conviction that one is fundamentally worthy of success and capable of dealing with life’s challenges. Self-esteem is not a causeless feeling or appraisal. It has to be earned by means of specific actions, especially mental actions, but most people have never been taught what these actions consist of."

So essentially for a healthy self-concept needs some foundation. We all have people we admire – people who are leaders or achievers in some field. They are admired because they ARE leaders or achievers. So why should SELF-esteem be any different? While I agree that all human beings have value on the basis of our humanity, a positive self-concept needs to be based on something bigger than that – our achievements and leadership.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Student unions

'Students lose out as union laws bite'">

This is an interesting article on the bullying that occurs by student unions. These groups are funded by theft, and too often choice of membership is not free. This situation is unacceptable, for a number of reasons. Student unions are typically corrupt, and don't represent the views of all students (many of whom don't wish to be members). They're corrupt, because they're financially and politically supported by the institutions they work within - institutions providing them with facilities, money, telecoms and internet access, and representation on committees (all in order to keep them on side). The institutions also steal money from enrolled students and pay it to the unions, threatening not to enrol them if they protest. Independent advocacy cannot be provided in this sort of situation.

Women and feminism

Too many folks out there think that libertarians are anti-women. It simply ain't true. I’m feminist and proud of it, but I don’t support for a moment the fake sort of feminism that is collectivist in nature and blames all men for the problems caused by the behaviour of a few (and ignores the bad behaviour of some women). The type of feminism that turns women into welfare dependents, and fosters hatred of all kinds. If you want that sort of BS, go somewhere else - you won’t find it here.

My goal is to provide a perspective that can change the way women see ourselves and live our lives – a perspective where women are not treated as stupid, dependent, or powerless.Women who are aware that we have choices, and make the most of the opportunities available to create the lives we truly desire.

I want to spotlight women’s achievements, to celebrate women as we are – strong, independent beings capable of running our own lives without interference from ANYONE else (including other women!).

Men WILL be discussed here, written about, or advertised. If this makes you unhappy, that’s fine, but be warned that it's not going to stop. All issues are women’s issues, and men often have things to say that we can learn from or use to further our own development. I don’t abandon all men simply because of the bad actions of a few, just as I don’t see all women as disempowered victims because some of us have had bad things happen to us.

Chances are you may disagree with things I say. That is your choice. But what I’d like to do is show that women can, and do, think for themselves! And disagreement is part of that.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

6-7 years ago I discovered the ideas of freedom. I'd been doing some thinking - for quite a number of years before that - on issues of individual liberty, the role of the state, personal responsibility, and the right to live your life as you choose so long as you respect that right in others. When a colleague introduced me to liberty, a light went on. At last there were other people like me, who despised the lunacy of political correctness and the collectivist mindset!

I resolved at that point to start on the path to personal freedom, and that's what this blog is about. To clarify and develop my thinking and talk about options for the serious freedom seeker (myself included).

One thing I have discovered is that the world is a much better place when you own your own life. You DO have the responsibility of seeing your words and actions through to their logical conclusion - and that can sometimes seem challenging - but the benefits far outweight any negatives.