Monday, December 12, 2011

Pitcairn trials

NZ is currently hosting the trial of the mayor of Pitcairn Island. He's charged with possession of kiddi porn. It's a reminder of the trial of the other Pitcairn Islanders on sexual abuse charges several years back.

Interesting that we should see this sort of behaviour in a christian community. For that's what Pitcairn is – its entire membership is seventh-day adventist. Gotta ask how their community can justify this sort of behaviour.

Of course many good christian folks – of differing persuasions – would say that the behaviour exhibited by the mayor and other men of Pitcairn is not christian. I would disagree. Consider these examples:

  • A NZ church advising – less than 100 years ago – that female genital mutilation is necessary. They go on to say that if a woman protests against it, she should have it forced on her as she deserves it!

  • A widowed NZ pastor whose sexual relationships with his 4 daughters is justified by family members on the grounds that 'he needs someone to act as a wife to him'

  • Graeme Capill, former leader of the Christian Heritage Party – charged with sexual abuse, while complaining about the immorality of the churches who are 'sexually permissive'!

  • And don't forget the number of Catholic priests guilty of abusing boys, over decades.

The bible supports abusive behaviour towards women

  • After Eve's 'sin', god punishes half the human race – all women! - over thousands of years. Billions of women. How bloody inappropriate is that? Particularly after Eve was simply using the brain god gave her!

  • Mary is raped and impregnated by god,who then disappears post haste, without sticking around to advise her of her fate as the mother of the messiah. He simply sends one of his tame flunkies along to deliver the bad news. And like other women who have been raped, Mary is aware she has had no choice in the matter

  • And Lot's wife, turned to a pillar of salt because – like any good woman – she expressed concern for her community.

I do have to ask how women in the churches can accept this sort of bollocks! Not only does it make the churches unsafe places for women and children, but shows god up for the asshole and sociopath he is.