Friday, May 18, 2012


Once again the annual Mother’s Day propaganda has hit the media.  Famous people and sports stars coming out to say ‘thanks mum’.  TV and radio talking about mum’s yearly day off.  And plenty of advertising of gifts – things for doing the housework, or things that everyone in the family can use.  Restaurants telling dad he should take mum out for dinner today.

What a scam!  It’s patronising to women, and just more meaningless anti-women tokenism.  Mum is supposed to feel grateful for this?  Wouldn’t she appreciate the attention more often, rather than one day a year?

If you really value her
*      Show it every day.  Don’t patronise her by doing something nice once a year.  If you can’t value her and treat her right every day, don’t bother doing it on Mother’s Day.
*      Don’t buy Mother’s Day gifts for housework.  Try some perfume rather than a blender or microwave.  Something to make her work easier?  What about something special and personal, without work strings attached.
*      One day off a year?  Gee thanks.  The assumption here is that she works every other day. It seems women haven’t come far at all.  Try doing your share of the housework, daily. But don’t act as though you’re doing her a favour by doing her work for her
*      Take her out to dinner more often.   It doesn’t always have to be expensive.  Just do it!

Remember when you first met her?  It wasn’t too hard to treat her right then, was it!

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