Thursday, May 10, 2012


It’s May.  New Zealand Music Month.  The annual opportunity for the New Zealand media and music industry to slap themselves on the back and say what a fine job they’re doing promoting New Zealand music.  They play lots more New Zealand music than they normally would, including crap that would otherwise not see the light of day.

But you gotta ask why.  What’s the point of this cynical wankery?  If Kiwi music were good it wouldn’t need propaganda like this.  People don’t want New Zealand music much otherwise.  They don’t listen to it, or buy it, to the same degree any other time of year.

Seems like just another chance for the talentless losers who make crap music to get heard.  Give me a break!  I’ll just spend the month listening to stuff I like, in my CD collection, regardless of where it comes from.  Kiwi or otherwise. 

And that’s the real solution to New Zealand Music Month.  Leave it to market forces.  Let the customer decide what they like, rather than forcing them to listen to rubbish no one wantw.

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