Monday, January 16, 2012

The Blanket Man

Ben Hana, the Blanket Man, is dead.

And whaddya know! Out come all the bleedling heart do-gooders, the politically-correct attention-seekers, national and local body politicians, and the left-wing media. All saying that 'something should have been done to help this poor,homeless victim'.

Interesting, innit! They're all saying how Ben Hana has been failed – failed by everyone else except themselves, of course! They give people like the Blanket Man a benefit and a state house, and are never seen again. But very quick to say that 'government should do something about it!'.

What they ignore – of course – is that Ben Hana made choices. Granted, he had mental health issues, BUT, like many other homeless folk, he chose to live on the streets. He was connected to a central Wellington community of homeless people, and had been offered housing by the council and state on a number of occasions.

And where were members of Ben Hana's iwi during his time of illness and homelessness? No doubt expecting government to help him out.

It's a load of f***ing bollocks, of course.