Friday, May 18, 2012


Once again the annual Mother’s Day propaganda has hit the media.  Famous people and sports stars coming out to say ‘thanks mum’.  TV and radio talking about mum’s yearly day off.  And plenty of advertising of gifts – things for doing the housework, or things that everyone in the family can use.  Restaurants telling dad he should take mum out for dinner today.

What a scam!  It’s patronising to women, and just more meaningless anti-women tokenism.  Mum is supposed to feel grateful for this?  Wouldn’t she appreciate the attention more often, rather than one day a year?

If you really value her
*      Show it every day.  Don’t patronise her by doing something nice once a year.  If you can’t value her and treat her right every day, don’t bother doing it on Mother’s Day.
*      Don’t buy Mother’s Day gifts for housework.  Try some perfume rather than a blender or microwave.  Something to make her work easier?  What about something special and personal, without work strings attached.
*      One day off a year?  Gee thanks.  The assumption here is that she works every other day. It seems women haven’t come far at all.  Try doing your share of the housework, daily. But don’t act as though you’re doing her a favour by doing her work for her
*      Take her out to dinner more often.   It doesn’t always have to be expensive.  Just do it!

Remember when you first met her?  It wasn’t too hard to treat her right then, was it!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


It’s May.  New Zealand Music Month.  The annual opportunity for the New Zealand media and music industry to slap themselves on the back and say what a fine job they’re doing promoting New Zealand music.  They play lots more New Zealand music than they normally would, including crap that would otherwise not see the light of day.

But you gotta ask why.  What’s the point of this cynical wankery?  If Kiwi music were good it wouldn’t need propaganda like this.  People don’t want New Zealand music much otherwise.  They don’t listen to it, or buy it, to the same degree any other time of year.

Seems like just another chance for the talentless losers who make crap music to get heard.  Give me a break!  I’ll just spend the month listening to stuff I like, in my CD collection, regardless of where it comes from.  Kiwi or otherwise. 

And that’s the real solution to New Zealand Music Month.  Leave it to market forces.  Let the customer decide what they like, rather than forcing them to listen to rubbish no one wantw.


The ubiquitous sorry!

We live in a culture of apology.  People apologise all the time.  They feel the need to apologise for everything, even stuff they have no control over, or stuff they could not possibly have predicted in advance.  Then they’re sorry for being born a particular way e.g. white.  Or apologise for what they’re about to do anyway. 

I hate it when people say things like
*      'I'm sorry but.....'
*      'I don't want to upset you but...'
*      'I don't want to appear rude but....'
*      'I'm not a racist but...'
*      'I'm not being nasty but...'
*      They’re sorry for what they’re going to do. 
Basically they are liars. They’re not sorry, they’re just trying to cover their sorry arses. 

Apologising for everything – the weather, other people’s behaviour, the fact that we live and breathe and take up space on the earth?  This has two effects:
  1. 1It demeans us, shows our low self-esteem and the belief that we are lower than low 
  2.  It can make people begin to feel that maybe we are responsible for stuff, whether we are or not. 

‘When individuals know they were wrong, rude, or in anyway not nice or proper about something to someone they feel guilty and their conscience tells us to apologize for what we have done to be granted forgiveness. It makes one feel better and even though there may be times that sorry is not enough the offer of an apology is looked at with strength, courage and respect for others. It is always best to say sorry but you have to mean it’.

Sorry is often meaningless.  Have you ever stopped to wonder why people say sorry? I think it's one of the most meaningless words us humans have invented. It's a word that people use like a Get out of jail free card. I did something wrong, all I have to do is say sorry and it'll be okay again’.