Sunday, July 1, 2012


The coroner’s verdict is in.  Azaria Chamberlain was, according to the coroner, killed by a dingo at Ayers Rock.  But I’m at a loss to understand how this decision was reached.

A body was never found.  For all we know, Azaria Chamberlain is still alive, somewhere.

But assuming she did die, I’m not convinced a dingo was the cause.  Her mother Lindy saw a dingo leave the tent.  She didn’t see a baby with that dingo, and only knew the baby was missing when she went into the tent.  The aboriginal tracker who claimed to see the dingo footprints also said there were indications of a baby’s body being dragged, but can’t seem to explain how she knew it was a baby.  And she didn’t see blood stains.

 see blood stains.
nto the tendd only knew the baby was missing when she went into the tendQuestions remain about the dingo that supposedly killed Azaria.  Why would a dingo go into the back of the tent, past two sleeping boys, to where the baby girl lay?  Why take her?  How did a dingo later get the matinee jacket off the body, without totally destroying it in the process?

Somebody knows what happened to Azaria Chamberlain.  Did Lindy, in a fit of post-natal depression, kill the baby?  As a good Christian woman, she was supposed to be happy in her role as a pastor’s wife, but who’s to say she was totally miserable and saw no other way out?  She got little or no support from the church she belonged to.  And what about the person/s who disposed of the matinee jacket at the dingo’s lair?  What do they know about the fate of that we girl, and why haven’t they come forward with the information?  Is it out of guilt?

Easy to blame a dingo for a crime that may or may not have happened.  But those responsible for a murder, if one occurred, need to be held responsible.go footprints also said there were indications of a baby'had a ?